The Prosperity Commission’s Plan to

What if I told you there is an economic policy proposal called “The USA Plan” that if enacted into law will:


1. Wipe out more than half of the US Government’s real debt!
2. Infuse $100 billion monthly into the capital markets!
3. Provide each worker a “Universal Savings Account” that will make them millionaires when they retire!
4. Not cost the American taxpayer a dime!
5. Not eliminate Social Security, Medicare or any other entitlement program!

Introducing the

The USA Plan does for the poor and middle class what the “Trickle Down” economy did for the rich – it makes them wealthy. It will significantly reduce the size of government; generate the biggest tax cut in history; eventually pay off all unfunded entitlement liabilities; infuse enormous sums directly into the capital markets thereby accelerating the growth of the economy;  economically emancipate women and minorities; reduce crime, poverty and gangs; eliminate the need for government pensions and Medicare; eliminate the need for business to fund employee retirement needs; increase the net worth of America; and promote “Domestic Tranquility”.

The American Government’s

The Government’s unsustainable unfunded liability of $144 trillion, according to, is the difference between the revenue from the FICA Payroll Taxes over an 18 year period and what the projected payouts to beneficiaries of Social Security, Medicare and the 80 or so government entitlement programs.

The USA Plan, at no cost to taxpayers, can reduce the size of the $144 trillion unfunded liabilities by half the moment it is enacted into law. This plan does not require Congress to eliminate Social Security, Medicare or any other entitlement programs.

Reduce The American

The nation’s politicians and its press continue to delude Americans into believing the national debt is only $23 trillion.  Any young college student can tell you that Social Security and Medicare have failed to fund their future obligations in such large numbers that our real government debt maybe closer to $200 trillion. These kids no longer expect to receive Social Security and Medicare when they retire. (What Happens in 2035)

The USA Plan, when enacted into law, will immediately extinguish more than $100 trillion of that debt. That is because by the 10th year of the plan everyone’s Universal Saving Account will large enough to pay the average Social Security monthly benefit of $1,500 out of income from the account holder’s accumulated nest egg. 

How The USA Plan Will Increase

The USA Plan will achieve this goal by a simple change to the way we allocate the annual $1.2 Trillion in payroll tax receipts collected by the government.

Every worker pays a 15.3% payroll tax called FICA, which breaks down as follows: Social Security, employee pays 6.2%, employer pays 6.2%. Medicare: employee pays 1.45%, employer pays 1.45%.

The USA Plan merely shifts the 15.3% in FICA taxes from the Social Security and Medicare Programs to each taxpayer’s own personal Universal Savings Account. Making everyone a millionaire when they retire.

Be advised, the USA Plan is not an attempt to privatize Social Security or Medicare. The USA Plan retains these programs in their present forms.

How The USA Trust Will Invest in America

The capital markets have been plagued for years relying on funding new ventures and expanding existing businesses with only that thin margin of the excess wealth of the elite.  The USA Trust adds $100 billion a month to capital markets thereby effectively switching the infusion of capital from the rich elites to all the people. Being owners, rather than bystanders should cause a stronger belief in our capitalist system as framed by the U.S. Consitituion.