The American Government needs to work better for the people. It needs a redo. As long as it does, let’s try to make it a comprehensive redo in which many goals are reached. The USA Plan is a step in that direction. The USA Plan multi-tasks to reach the following goals:

1. It provides the nest egg for retirees to live an affluent retirement and afford the best medical care on the planet.

2. It economically emancipates single, married and divorced women. It automatically generates wealth for them even if they are married and don’t work–see tab above.

3. The nest egg essentially narrows the distance between the rich and the poor and should eliminate the complaint of “income disparity”.

4. Cuts the national debt from $138 trillion to $30 trillion overnight, and thereby lifts the enormous obligation of America’s young to fund the retirement of our older citizens.

5. Creates millions of jobs immediately by the infusion of $1 trillion a year into the marketplace. It should shoot our annual growth rate from its anemic 1.3% a year to 7% to 10%.

6. The USA Plan generates the biggest tax cut in history, as payroll taxes are about 40% of the taxes on incomes of Americans.

7. It reduces the government share of Gross Domestic Product (“GDP”) from 25% to 15%. Good management of our government should reduce that 15% to 10% where a consumption tax may be considered to replace the income tax.

8. It will save cities, counties, states and the Federal Government from the bankruptcy that will occur or is occurring, by creating a self-financing retirement system that will replace millions of plans presently underfunded or not funded at all.

9. As everyone will be invested in the stock market, the worker will have skin in the game, and therefore will have reason to help management improve the bottom line, and therefore the value of their own USA.

10. America’s workplace environment should improve by the elimination of labor-management disputes on retirement and old-age medical needs which The USA Plan provides.

11. The passage of The USA Plan will restore the public’s confidence in its politicians which at this moment is almost non-existent.

12. Provide many with a reason to live, be responsible and live a life free of crime. This will especially be true of minorities who have had few opportunities to educate themselves and get better jobs. Even a minimum wage worker will retire a millionaire – see here.

13. The USA Plan is not a political gimmick. It uses both capitalism (the stock market) and collectivism (a 40-year investment without withdrawal) to achieve its goals. It will be the Super Bowl of government redos.

14. The USA Plan will not allow the government or the courts to invade or otherwise tax “USAs”. Wall Street will have no say in the trust that administers the USAs. USA management will be independent and under the control of the people.

15. The USA will use the same tax shelter as the ultra-rich like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates – there will be no tax on the appreciation in value of the taxpayer’s stock.

16. It should reduce crime, victimization, and dependency on government – that is what wealth and financial security can do.

17. It will reduce stress individually, collectively and within relationships like marriage, where presently there is a concern to save and invest for retirement.

18. By eliminating the need for corporations to fund their own employees’ retirement and old-age medical needs it will enable them to be more competitive price-wise with foreign manufacturers as more profitable.

19. There are many adversarial relationships in American life – women v. men, labor v. management, etc. Enactment of The USA Plan will go a long way towards everyone pulling in the same direction, which will lead to our ultimate societal goal of “domestic tranquility”.