American Exceptionalism Challenged


Today, America is the world’s largest economy, has its most powerful military, and the dollar is the world’s reserve currency. China is planning to replace the US in each of these categories. To that end, the Communist Party, at its meeting in October 2017, abruptly changed its free-market capitalist economy back to a communist-controlled state-run economy.

Its stated reason behind this move is to better use its resources to attack, capture and control entire segments of the world’s economy. Its resources are very powerful – huge cash reserves and an enormous manufacturing base built under capitalism. It is perfectly situated to challenge America.

“The USA Plan is a deterrent to China’s quest for World Domination,

both Militarily and Economically.”

Underlying its confidence to make this move is the knowledge it has gained working with America’s investment firm of Goldman Sachs. As it has been learning the ins and outs of the merger and acquisition trade, it has concluded that with its enormous cash and manufacturing base it can capture industries more effectively by consolidating many capitalist units into larger state-controlled units. To this threat of a takeover by China of our dominant role on the world’s stage, the Prosperity Commission offers up its USA Plan. Under that Plan, the people will fund the enormous growth in the American economy and meet the Chinese on every economic battlefield. The 21st Century should be America’s.

The combined efforts of 335 million Americans will outgun the scant few that will direct state-owned Chinese enterprises. America can draw comfort from the fact that in the past the Communists bypassed capitalism and directed the building of 68 million apartments none of their population could afford and the building of 31 now-vacant cities the size of St. Louis. That type of management is not social justice – just one of socialism’s innumerable flaws.

Communist governments, like the Chinese, rule their people by force.  That runs contrary to people’s natural preference for freedom. The USA Plan delivers freedom like the American Dream to all of its people. With the USA Plan in force, the people will enjoy more freedom than even “trickle-down capitalism” provided.

However, If America persists in going down the “Trickle-down” road, China has a good chance to overcome us. If we adopt the USA Plan they won’t have a Chinamen’s chance in hell…