If you are an average American, it is unlikely that you are deeply concerned about poverty. 100 million Americans receive some sort of government financial assistance and that doesn’t include people on Social Security or Medicare.

When you add government assistance to the average income of those in poverty it qualifies as high middle-class income in many countries. It is believed that 2 billion people on Earth live on less than $6 each week. That is real poverty.

What we have is another form of poverty. Over 100 million people are living paycheck to paycheck. A similar number don’t have $400 in cash to cover a medical emergency. Few have saved enough to fund their retirement.

What we have in America is an economy robust enough to provide just enough income to cover American living expenses and the enormous tax burden government has placed on taxpayers. Not much more.

It doesn’t provide for the accumulation of “wealth” for most Americans.

That is why the USA Plan takes $1 trillion in payroll taxes away from the government and places it in each taxpayer’s own investment/savings account (the “USA) to accumulate and grow into a $4 million retirement nest egg.

That simple premise will significantly reduce if not eliminate “poverty” of the working poor and extinguish the need for so much government assistance and taxation.

This site plainly illustrates how we create this “wealth”, eradicate poverty and at the same time cut taxes and generate explosive GDP growth.