At some point in life, everyone must consider how to pay for retirement. That was not an issue when the Constitution was written. In those days families took care of the elderly. Today, that is the exception. Individuals have had to turn to private and public pensions, Social Security, and welfare if they haven’t personally funded their own retirement.

Unfortunately, millions of Americans don’t make enough money after taxes to save for retirement. This is where the USA Plan comes to their rescue. As described throughout this site it takes payroll taxes imposed by government and redirects them to the personal savings/investment account (USA account) of every taxpayer. There they are invested for 40 years in common stock funds and left to accumulate and compound into an average $4 million nest egg on which to retire.

Young Americans don’t believe, and rightly so, that they will ever receive a Social Security check. The Federal government has run up a $130 trillion debt (remember a trillion is one million times a million) and that figure is understated. It has already been reduced by future payroll tax receipts. And our politicians continue to march us over that cliff.

Americans can solve this dilemma by supporting the USA Plan. It is the solution to so many problems – retirement being one of the biggest. Please contribute today to our effort to make you financially independent.