“What if I told you there is an economic policy with an informational website ready to go that if enacted into law will, and by the end of the next presidential term, wipe out approximately $100 trillion of the US Government’s unfunded liabilities, AND infuse $100 billion monthly into the capital markets, AND provide each worker a “Universal Savings Account” that will make them millionaires when they retire?”

The Prosperity Commission is a research and educational institution whose mission is to build and promote non-partisan public policies, based in Chatsworth, CA. and Bentonville AR.

The Prosperity Commission’s key issue is modernizing the economy of the American government, chiefly Social Security and Medicare.


The goal of our marketing plan is to pursued several members of Congress to create a bill and introduce it. This can only happen from a groundswell of support from the grassroots.

The fundamentals of the bill would be the transfer of the FICA withholdings of the individual worker and matching funds from employer to an independent entity that would hold, mange, and invest into the U.S. Capital markets said worker’s FICA Withholding for a period until the worker decides to retire, at which point he will have access to the income generated from the principal saved. However, the income must exceed the maximum benefit from the current Social Security System and the worker must be 55 years or older.


What if I told you that by the end of the next presidential term, $100 trillion would by wiped out of the US Government’s unfunded liabilities?

What if I told you the US Dow Jones would be over 50,000?

What if I told you your retirement nest egg would deliver the American Dream of becoming a millionaire?

What if I told you all the above happened because of one pan that modernizes the U.S economy.

Imagine the possibilities if this farfetched plan were to come to fruition? Farfetched, you say? Wasn’t Universal Healthcare farfetched until Obama found his way into the Presidency? This plan is half as complicated as Obamacare, and the website won’t cost $2,000,000,000 to build.

Imagine if this USA Plan started a national debate between those that benefited from the Status Quo in Retirement economics and those that want to Modernize the system of savings and benefits? Especially if this new Version of Retirement savings resulted in 180,000,000 workers retiring millionaires?

How does that debate happen? Where does it begin? What is the conduit that informs those that are interested but not aware of this new program?

We offer a new system that turns the National Retirement System into wealth creation machine that starts with the poorest and moves up from the bottom to meet and destroy the obsolete “Trickle-Down Economy.” We call this the “Rise Up Economy.”

“We are an app that keeps track of your wealth and the wealth of our Nation.”



Just as we have the Rise Up Economy that makes the poor rich, so to do we have a Rise Up Marketing Plan designed to achieve our goals with a groundswell of support from the ordinary American worker.

TARGET MARKET – The Newly Minted College Graduate Professional

It is estimated that for the 2019-2020 academic year, there will be a total of 3,898,000 college graduates in the United States.


  1. Build a Website. √
  2. Incorporate, trademarks, etc.
  3. Create a Crowd Funding Site (GoFundMe:
  4. Create a Social Media Platforms
    1. Facebook
    2. Instagram
    3. Twitter
    4. YouTube


Spokespersons and Board of Advisers

  1. Enlist Members (both Republicans and Democrats) for Board of Advisers
  2. Recruit Republican and Democrat Spokespersons.


Outreach – the Helix8 Branding™ System

  1. Solicit reviews, endorsements and referrals from close friends
  2. Solicit reviews, endorsements and referrals from close politically connected colleagues
  3. Solicit reviews, endorsements and referrals from political organizations and think tanks.
  4. Solicit reviews, endorsements and referrals from Pro American Actors
  5. Solicit reviews, endorsements and referrals from Pro American Pundits
  6. Solicit reviews, endorsements and referrals from pundits, youtubers, and economists
  7. Create promotional videos and advertising campaigns
  8. Test advertise to Facebook Groups & Influencers to join us and donate to the plan.
  9. Set up a petition drive at “We the People” at and others.
  10. Set up a series of seminars in key target cities


Some of these operations will continue until we reach or goal of crafting and introducing a bill to the U.S. Congress.


The U.S. Remained Center-Right, Ideologically, in 2019

The ideological balance of the country remained center-right, with 37% of Americans, on average, identifying as conservative during the year, 35% as moderate and 24% as liberal.