Creating Wealth


The creation of wealth is based on knowledge — the ability to take raw inputs and convert them into output with value greater than the sum of the individual parts. Additionally, this value is determined by correctly assessing the demand for the output — how it will satisfy needs and wants. Creation of a restaurant, airplane, or apartment building (physical capital) all represent a contribution to a nation’s wealth in that they all generate a future stream of income based on the willingness of the members of that nation to purchase food services, transportation services, or housing services to satisfy specific wants.  ——-

The USA Plan contributes to this wealth generating machine by providing a means for the individual to keep the money he earns while investing said savings into the capital markets allowing for more innovation. In addition workers will be able to leave to their heirs money so that they can invest in themselves in the form of better education and healthcare. 

Economic growth comes from entrepreneurs risking their own money not from politicians risking your money.