The Cultural Effects on the Family


The Family is and has always been the Cornerstone of Society…

as it thrives so does society. Unfortunately, high taxes, government inference, dysfunction, and popular culture has forced many families to break from their traditional roles. The USA Plan has been constructed to promote family creation and maintenance. These changes will strengthen everyone in the family’s emotional and spiritual health to weather the storms that life inevitably brings.

By sharing their contributions of payroll taxes, a couple who decides to have the wife stay home and raise the kids and grandkids will still retire a millionaire. A stay-at-home parent can add needed support for rearing happy and well-adjusted children. Think of the influence this will have on our national culture.

Financially, the Plan aids the family by increasing wealth, stability, opportunities and hope. Today, lack of money is a very serious problem. Forty percent of the people can’t afford a $400 emergency. Seventy per cent of the people have failed to adequately save for retirement.

The Plan, when fully operational, solves the retirement problem. It essentially eliminating the need for 401Ks, IRA’s and many other plans and frees up cash to spend on the family.

The family can suffer from many ills; divorce, crime, incarceration, health crisis, political disputes and the list goes on. The Plan is designed to alleviate the stress those unavoidable problems create by offering the underlying stability that the USA Account delivers.  It provides the hope, and with respect to future disputes and missteps, the Plan will soften these distractions by the existence of a better financial future.

Divorce presents the parties with numerous financial problems.  The USA plan eliminates one of the more contentious issues in divorce. Under the Plan each spouse will have their own USA account, there will be no arguments as to its ownership. In fact, when getting married again, the parties will have existing accounts that will be added to by sharing one-half of the payroll taxes of their new spouse.

Political disputes currently have separated families over ideology. The Plan lays waste to those disputes. With the Plan the family can then turn its attention to sharing its love and concern for each other. This will have a tremendous effect on the community and our Nation’s culture as a whole.

We hope congress will do the same.



The USA Plan will bring forth the feeling of self-reliance which will be the driving force behind its enactment into law.


The USA Plan triggers the largest tax cut in US History and will
generate the largest increase in tax revenue ever collected.


The USA Plan is the kindest most compassionate legislation ever
advanced. It extinguishes poverty as we know it and will shine
a light on the future of civilization.