The Cultural Effect of the USA Plan on the Individual


In 1776, America was the first country in the world to establish the inalienable right of individuals to own property.  As it relates to individuals, that was the most significant cultural event in the history of man. It forever established their right to stop confiscation of their property by kings or other autocratic-type governments.

With that right, individual Americans have accumulated enormous wealth in the form of property such as stocks, bonds, real estate, businesses, etc.  Unfortunately, many Americans in the 21st Century are not wealthy because they own little or no property. In fact, many live paycheck to paycheck.

Wealthy Citizens have culturally benefitted by America becoming the most exceptional country on the face of the planet. With only 4.5% of the world’s population the country produces and consumes 25% of the world’s goods and services. Unfortunately, many who did the work to make it so exceptional have not benefited economically.

It was at this juncture in the early 21st Century that the USA Plan began its journey from a problem to an idea and eventually its solution.

The core problem was, as we saw it, the disparity in income and wealth between the rich and the poor. The question was how do we approach this problem. The Solution? We had to put property in the hands of the poor.

The solution was an easy one. Our Founding Father’s led the way.  We had to reverse the confiscation of the only wealth the working poor were actually creating… and that was, payroll taxes – that 15.3% withheld from the worker’s paycheck. If we reversed that confiscation of property, then main street would have a stream of money to work with.

What the USA Plan prescribes for us to do with that money is the subject of this entire website.  Among at least a thousand things it does, it ends endemic poverty, makes every worker a millionaire by retirement. The Plan will allow women to stay home and rear their children and still retire a millionaire. It will eventually reduce most of the country’s funded and unfunded debt and eliminate the need for business to provide employee pension plans and old-age medical coverage. 

Probably the most consequential thing the Plan does, however, is that it changes the ideology of both Democrats and Republicans. Democrats always say they rule with their heart. Republicans, on the other hand, say they rule with their minds. The USA Plan was designed to meet both criteria.

It does so by creating the “Rise-up Theory of Economics” which reboots the Trickle-down Theory of Economics; the only theory the world has used since man came out of the caves. You know the theory quite well. It is the one where those at the top get all they want and the rest gets what trickles down.

Under Rise-up, every individual man and women is invited to participate in the most extraordinary economy in the world. Under the Plan they all own stocks. Presently, only 50% of the people own stock. With that ownership their personal wealth will grow into millions over their working life.

Eventually with millions, the government will not have to confiscate property from Americans to pay for Social Security or Medicare or the 80 or so entitlements for the needy. Americans can pay for their own way in life. If they choose a healthy lifestyle, they won’t be saddled with the cost of those who don’t.  As I said, it perfectly blends heart and mind.

We talk of confiscation here rather than taxes to drive home the point that our Founders designed the Constitution free of confiscation of property from individuals. It wasn’t until 2013 when politicians sneaked the confiscation of property of individuals into an Amendment to the Constitution.

Unfortunately, to date, politicians have been able to use tax law to run up government debt to an amount greater than all the country’s assets. In other words, politicians are confiscating property from the public at a level that will lead to the country’s bankruptcy. Our temporary saving grace is that America is the banker to the world.  Most countries are worse off than we are economically.

But before we start throwing stones at Republicans and Democrats, know that no one is to blame for the trickle-down philosophy.  It has been only philosophy that the whole world has been working with.  The only way for politicians to right dysfunction in the population was through taxation. So don’t exclusively blame them.  Let’s right that ship.

Enact the USA Plan and the Trickle-down theory will start its fade into the dustbin of history.

There may be those who are let down by the fact it will take 40 years to make the USA Plan fully operational. Fortunately, every individual will experience a new economic outlook on day one of its enactment.

Federal payroll taxes currently collected amount to $1.250 trillion annually.  That means the stock market will be awash in an additional $100 billion of new capital every month.  This will be a remarkable boost to our economy. We have wasted trillions on the War on Poverty, trillions in funding China’s deficits, trillions on entitlements, trillions to fix our roads and bridges, trillions to fund pensions and what do have to show for it – a $200 trillion debt.

As we were the primary funder of China’s climb from almost nothing to $13 trillion a year in GDP, we can look forward to using this new cash to take our own GDP from 25% of the world’s market to possibly 40%.

Just as our Founding Fathers shook up the world both culturally and economically after they established a Nation ruled by the people for the people, America’s new 21st Century economy will draw the rapt attention of the world’s people.  Hopefully it can help us change the world into a better place.





The USA Plan has been constructed to induce family creation and
maintenance. Couples who decide to have the mother stay home
will still retire millionaires.


The USA Plan is the kindest most compassionate legislation ever
advanced. It extinguishes poverty as we know it and will shine
a light on the future of civilization.