The USA Plan Is The Most Compassionate Legislation Ever Advanced.

The USA Plan extinguishes poverty as we know it and provides a guidepost for every nation on Earth to follow. By adopting the USA Plan, the resulting counterbalance to the ‘Trickle Down Theory of Economics’, America will shine a light on the future of civilization.

The world as we know it is not kind. Billions of people live on less than $6 dollars a day. And our ancestors were not always kind to native Indians, black slaves, and yes women. Yet, compared to the rest of the world we are an advanced civilization. But even we must prove our kindness to many. The USA Plan endeavors to do just that.

Unfortunately, politics will be involved in enacting this legislation. How politicians can oppose extinguishing poverty is unfathomable. Yet we will have a fight. How they can oppose adding a trillion dollars a year to investment capital to massively increase the wealth of the nation is also unconscionable. Yet we believe many will oppose it. If you want a piece of this fight, join us at the Prosperity Commission and DONATE to our and your cause.


The USA Plan will bring forth the feeling of self-reliance which will be the driving force behind its enactment into law.


The USA Plan has been constructed to induce family creation and
maintenance. Couples who decide to have the mother stay home
will still retire millionaires.


The USA Plan triggers the largest tax cut in US History and will 
generate the largest increase in tax revenue ever collected.