The USA Plan is Culturally Compassionate


If the USA Plan effectively eradicates poverty, then it will go down as one of history’s most compassionate documents. Of course, that is quite presumptuous of us to say.  However, we do believe that it will be transformational. 

We conceived it not only to end poverty, but also to create enormous personal wealth, eliminate national debt, reduce the cost of government, calm management and labor disputes, increase the competitive status of our businesses, reduce crime and incarceration, create affluent retirements, improve emotional environments like marriage and child rearing, as well as many more.

            And it doesn’t require individuals to invest one dime.

The USA account, we believe will also create hope for those without it.  America is presently experiencing unprecedented homelessness, drug usage, lack of mental facilities and the attendant lawlessness.  The Plan will generate enormous wealth that can be used to fix our broken society.  We just need the plan to be enacted.

Ideological arguments being made by socialists and capitalists lack the compassion that the USA Plan embodies.  After all, what has a $20 trillion War on Poverty done for us? Nothing.  However, please don’t blame either party because they have been operating under the “trickle-down system” of governing that has been used exclusively by man since the beginning of time. Let’s change that.

So the question is do you want to solve the issue of poverty or not? Do you believe this Plan solves many of our nation’s ills? We hope the answer is that you do and will join with us at the Prosperity Commission to promote its enactment.  Contribute Here



The USA Plan will bring forth the feeling of self-reliance which will be the driving force behind its enactment into law.


The USA Plan has been constructed to induce family creation and
maintenance. Couples who decide to have the mother stay home
will still retire millionaires.


The USA Plan triggers the largest tax cut in US History and will
generate the largest increase in tax revenue ever collected.