Defeating Poverty


Poverty continues to be one of the planet’s most serious humanitarian problems. Even in America, over 40 million live under the poverty line. Over 500,000 are homeless and live on the streets. In order to cure these problems, we determined that there had to be a serious and revolutionary change in America’s economic model. We devised the Rise-Up Theory of Economics to replace what we deemed to be the Trickle-Down Theory of Economics.

Every government in the world, including the USA, operates under the Trickle-Down Theory of Economics. Everyone knows this because in every country the rich get what they want and what little is left over trickles down to the poor.

In creating the Rise-Up Theory it was necessary to accomplish two goals.

First was to create an economic vehicle to generate wealth for everyone in America including the very poorest.  Secondly it was necessary to design a vehicle to massively increase the overall wealth of the country to accommodate the millions of wealthy people the Rise-Up Theory of Economics would actually create.

The first issue was easy to solve.   Scroll down on this page to the next section and it illustrates  that under the USA Plan an average taxpayer making $50,000 a year can invest his payroll taxes of $7,500 per year in indexed stock funds for his 40-year working life and end up with a $7.4 million nest egg. Under the USA Plan, the taxpayer would get his or her benefits at 67 years old just like Social Security provides.

Whereas the first issue takes years to accumulate, the second issue kicks in the very first month the Plan is enacted. That month slightly over $100 billion of new risk capital will be introduced into the stock market. And for every month thereafter for 40 years another $100 billion of risk capital would be added to the market.  Successfully employing this capital will be a daunting but fulfilling task. We went to the moon in 10 years – didn’t we?