You should. After 241 years, according to the total US debt is just as large as all private and public assets combined. You can’t pick one reason for such a disastrous result for the most powerful, richest, and the freest country on the planet.

We can point a finger at politicians but that would be a mistake. Our Founders, in giving Americans their freedom, created a capitalist economy. It was designed by economic necessity on what the Prosperity Commission calls the “Trickle-down Theory of Economics”or a “sink or swim” mandate.

Under those conditions, politicians have been forced to tax its citizens to level the playing field for the disadvantaged. As the wealthy control the purse strings of politicians, only what’s left over of the economic pie trickles down to the poor.

The Prosperity Commission likes to point out that poor people make poor customers. They have no discretionary money. That is why we designed the USA Plan under the Rise-up Theory of Economics to create wealth for the poor and eradicate poverty. Please help us promote it. Contribute here.