When asked that question many people reply with a question. Who is going to clean my house, who will pick up the garbage, where will we get stoop labor to pick our crops? Some will think this is selfish, but the reality is very compelling. If everyone is rich, who will do the menial tasks?  

The answer is what that answer has always been – supply and demand. If you must pay $100 dollars an hour for a handyman to fix something, the number of handymen will increase rapidly as at $ $25 an hour they will still become millionaires under the USA Plan.

Today we insist that young people go to college to earn that extra million dollars that education provides. Under the USA Plan college is unnecessary. You can become a multi-millionaire without it.

We believe freedom to do what you want, will in great part be governed by what supply and demand gives you.  

The real question is why wouldn’t you want to make the working poor rich. Isn’t financial independence the American Dream? Help us make that dream a reality, contribute here.