Would you like to become a millionaire without spending a dime to become one?


Prosperity for all is possible with Universal Savings Accounts

“We have an opportunity to make the world a better place. Rather than wasting time compromising the political ideologies of progressives and conservatives, Americans could use that time to employ modern economic and scientific advancements to eradicate poverty. The USA could lead the world into a new era where prosperity is the rule rather than the exception. It is truly a plan that will deliver the American Dream to ALL people.

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Universal Savings Accounts – Delivering the American Dream to ALL People!

The USA Plan is bold and truly revolutionary. It should satisfy both capitalists and collectivists, Republicans and Democrats, Libertarians and Anarchists and everyone in between because it makes the poor, the middle-class and the rich wealthier – in fact, it delivers the American Dream to just about everyone. By clicking here you will see how everyone can get rich without investing one dime. The Plan merely returns to the taxpayer the payroll taxes withheld by the government and puts those funds into a “USA” a Universal Savings Account owned by the taxpayer which accumulates, compounds and grows into real wealth during a worker’s lifetime. Their USA grows because investments of a 40-year duration have generated on average a 10% return on investment for the S&P 500 indexed stocks since 1871.

Basic Mechanics of the USA Plan

The Universal Saving Account Plan is an opt-in program that would allow a worker’s payroll tax to be diverted to a public-private managed index fund, such as the 108-year-old S&P 500 which has had an average return of over 10% per year since its inception. This can result in an average return of approximately $30,000 per month to a worker that makes an average American wage.

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Currently, every American worker must pay payroll taxes of approximately 15%. Without getting into to much detail, this is a combination between money forcibly taken out of the employee’s paycheck and forcibly taken from the employer’s profits by the US Government, the purpose of which is to guarantee every worker, who meets a contribution threshold, a minimum income at the age of 65, if that worker is still alive and not working.

The Universal Saving Account Plan will replace the current Social Security/Medicare retirement system that yields 1.5% with a return of no more than $1,800 p/month for the same average worker. (NOTE: The current Social Security System is for Workers only… NOT for the unemployed such as housewives/husbands. ) (For a discussion on SSI and Workman’s comp read “The Welfare State” by Dick McDonald.)

This economic framework is not new… Many countries are using a similar system including Chili whose workers have been able to realize an average annual return of over 9%.

The beauty of the Universal Savings Account is the added benefits to society. Currently, the Treasury Department collects approximately $1 Trillion cash per year in payroll taxes from all workers for the Government to spend as it sees fit. Remember this is CASH taken out of the economy not printed or borrowed money. The USA Plan diverts this cash to the US Equities Markets that allow companies to grow, expand their markets and create employment for millions of tax paying citizens. The result is two-fold… it will produce a 10-fold increase in revenue to the US Treasury and allows wealthy retirees to leave their nest eggs to their children so they can use it for quality education, healthcare, and leisure. The resulting societal benefits will be less poverty, less crime, less national debt and most importantly less misery.

The USA Plan will be the catalyst that will propel the world into the next phase of human development and modernization. This plan is the second half of the financial equation of Trickle Down Economics… allowing for the average worker to take part in Trickle Up Economics that will provide a clear pathway to the American Dream after 40 years of hard and productive work.

See how the USA Plan will benefit:

Large & Small Business

The massive $1 Trillion dollar increase in investment will explode growth in American businesses and create jobs.

Union Workers

Unions no longer need to secure pensions and medical care thereby significantly reducing labor-management concerns.

Union Management

Union-negotiated pension plans have bankrupted many businesses & threatening entities like cities, counties, and states.

African Americans

A major factor in Black Americans’ poor returns from Social Security is their lower expected lifespan. The USA Plan corrects this,

Latinos and Others

The USA Plan creates jobs and inarguably will raise wages for workers. Everyone will benefit especially young minorities.


Single Women

Under the plan, women become financially emancipated never again to become dependent on a man, the Courts or Congress.


Married Women

Wives & mothers will have deposited into their USA account 1/2 of husband’s contributions withheld & vice versa.


After 40 years of taxpayers investing in USA accounts the Treasury’s wealth is projected to be an astounding $806 trillion.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote legislation that will ensure that, during their lifetime, all Americans, rich or poor, will achieve the American Dream of financial independence. To achieve that goal the Commission’s will work to enact its comprehensive “USA Plan” the enactment of which will also make each of the following goals an intricate part of its Mission:

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  • Make the poor rich thereby eliminating endemic poverty
  • Deliver the “American Dream” to every American
  • Utilize capitalism to solve problems government has consistently failed to solve.
  • Utilize collectivism – force everyone to invest for years without withdrawals
  • Create personal investment accounts called “USA’s” for everyone
  • Economically emancipate women by sharing of personal accounts
  • Provide retirement checks that allow all to retire affluently
  • Create capital for every American with no after-tax investment
  • Create wealth through accumulation and compounding
  • Reduce the national budget by almost 40% upon enactment
  • Immediately liquidate Trillions of potential entitlement debt
  • Deliver to all citizens the biggest tax cut in American history
  • Give the disadvantaged a reason to live and care about their life
  • Demonstrate to the World that the “American Way” is also their answer
  • Reduce crime, victimization, and dependence on government
  • Reduce stress and despondency caused by crime and financial difficulties
  • Eliminate the need for the private businesses to finance retirement
  • Make business more competitive by eliminating corporate retirement costs
  • Eliminate the union’s need to bargain for retirement funding
  • Create “ONE” retirement account that replaces millions of plans
  • Solve state and municipal pension concerns and unfunded obligations
  • Energize the economy with an immense injection of capital
  • Teach 50% of Americans about capitalism and stock investing
  • Infect America with the optimism this plan can create
  • Reduce ethnic and racial tensions by making EVERYONE wealthy
  • An air-tight way to eventually deliver the American Dream to everyone
  • Bring back the market to areas crippled by government over-regulation
  • Get everyone on the same page pulling in the same direction
  • Infect the population with a desire to win and increase stock values
  • Restore America’s confidence in her politicians, agencies, and public servants.
  • Actually, this list is endless


Peace – Prosperity – Privacy

The USA Plan is both an Economic and Social Plan which hopes to lead everyone on the planet closer to World Peace, Universal Prosperity, and Individual Happiness.

To achieve these goals starts with the happiness of every individual. Human beings are born free and equal. The desire to be free survives all competing forces even when we are forced to conform. Therefore, the underlying principle of the USA Plan is freedom from such sources.

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Government is one of those sources of force. In the USA Plan, all payroll taxes are immediately taken from the government and placed in the personal and private investment account of the individual taxpayer. In the modern world this will be known as the ultimate expression of “free and equal.” It will finally fulfill the promise – “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

The Plan will bring happiness to every individual in many ways. Having an investment account (a “USA”) that will grow into a $4 million nest egg will, during its accumulation, make the taxpayer feel safe and secure financially. In addition, and probably more fulfilling, will be the realization that he or she is on the great American team with a significant investment in many of its businesses. Thereby achieving “universal prosperity” – “free and equal”.

A successful implementation of the USA Plan in America will prove to the people of the world that there is an economic and social system that eradicates poverty. Politically it would be impossible for human beings not to demand such freedom and equality. The “trickle-up” feature of the USA Plan would be irresistible to everyone especially the poor.

It can be assumed that World Peace will only be achieved when all people own property. People with property won’t let their leaders start wars. Collectively poor people won’t have to fight the wars as they have in the past. They will be too rich to risk losses. Individuals with a healthy portfolio of stocks will not be silent when forcing their leaders to follow the Golden Rule and rational behavior.

This is How it Works!

The Rise Up Theory of Economics does for the poor and middle class what the “Trickle Down” Theory did for the rich – it enables them to become wealthy and achieve the American Dream of financial independence. It is a simple concept. It redirects the 15.3% presently paid by individuals (and, in the case of employees, by their employers too) in the form of Federal payroll taxes into a personally-owned investment account (a “USA”) that will grow into millions over the citizen’s working life. The funds are invested in safe indexed stock funds that have historically been growing at over a 10% rate for the last 25 years. See the “Rate of Return for Stocks, Bonds, and Inflation” below.

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The most attractive tax feature of The USA Plan is that the annual appreciation in the value of the taxpayer’s stock is not subject to income tax. In this manner, the poor and the middle classes will enjoy the same tax “shelter” as billionaires. There is a myriad of other benefits. They can be found on about every page of this website.

See the following schedules that support the Prosperity Commission’s USA Plan proposal. Computation of Nest Egg and Monthly Retirement Check for Average Household Income of $50,000 Computation of Nest Egg and Monthly Check at Various Income Levels Rate of Return on the S&P 500 Stock Index in 40-year Increments from 1871 to 2011 Rate of Return for Selected Periods of the S&P Stock Index Computation of Net Worth of all “USAs” 40 years after enactment

The average American makes $50,000 per year and pays $7,500 in payroll taxes. Under the USA Plan, that $7,500 invested weekly for their 40-year working life in indexed stocks will generate a $4 million nest egg and $33,000 a month to retire on and buy the best medical care on the planet.

Every American has the chance to create wealth and retire comfortably. It won’t cost them a dime to create a million-dollar nest egg at retirement and monthly checks in the tens of thousands. When Congress passes The USA Plan legislation, payroll taxes which are presently sent to the government, will be redirected to the taxpayer’s own personal investment account – called a “USA” ( Universal Savings Account) – and immediately invested at the taxpayer’s instructions into approved indexed stock funds to grow over their working life into their personally-owned multi-million dollar nest egg. Just the income of the nest egg will afford each taxpayer a huge monthly check with which to enjoy an affluent retirement, the best medical care on the planet and a sizeable nest egg to pass on to the family.