"In eliminating poverty we will create enormous wealth."

Would you like to help us eliminate poverty by helping the working poor retire rich?


The rich have a great life, the poor live paycheck to paycheck.

In America, the rich have a great life. They have nice homes, safe neighborhoods, private schools, and enough money left over, after all the income taxes they pay, to fund their retirement and take extended vacations; most can even afford $2,500 Super Bowl tickets.

That isn’t the case with the Middle-class or Poor Americans. Most live paycheck to paycheck, don’t have enough cash for an emergency and know that the American Dream is only that – a dream.

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At the bottom of the scale are the indigent poor living in bullet-riddled, drug-infested ghettos. Places rich people understandably avoid and never visit. Fortunate for the poor, In the last 100 years, the United States Government came to their rescue.

Government only helps with  survival needs – food, housing, welfare, retirement, and medical. Unfortunately, taxes fund the cost of these programs. Taxes that penalize Americans by seriously reducing investment capital used to grow the economy and taxes that penalize the working poor and middle-class by taking their money to pay Social Security and Medicare benefits to the elderly.

The young, the Middle-Class and Poor Americans must pay hundreds of billions of dollars each year in benefits to the elderly for programs they believe will be bankrupt by the time they retire. Projections say they are right.

Everyone, especially the young, should want to solve this problem. Unfortunately, our political parties are dysfunctional. They are paralyzed fighting each other – fighting for power and ideology. On top of that, politicians have no serious plans to help the people.

Many of my friends live under the poverty line. Life for them is very difficult. Even with the help they get from the government they live a joyless life under great financial stress. Unfortunately, crime is a serious problem in their neighborhood. Lots of kids have been killed. If their parents only had more money they could move to safer quarters.

I try to listen to political newscasts, but I don’t like arguments with no solutions. Every election cycle I pray for someone to come and save me but have continually been disappointed. I wish there was some solution. I need to make more money and so does the country.

But there is a solution to this and to many other problems. Problems like low wages, poverty, runaway debt, slow growth, unfunded pensions, etc. It is a structural one and will require the enactment of our USA Plan. That Plan modifies Trickle-Down capitalism by adding the Rise-up Theory of Economics where all Americans participate financially.

 The USA Plan not only solves problems but generates enormous personal and public wealth. 


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What is the USA Plan?

Before we explain what the plan is, we want you to know what it does. The USA Plan does for the poor and middle class what the “Trickle Down” economy did for the rich – it makes them wealthy. It will reduce the size of government hopefully by more than half; generate the biggest tax cut in history; eventually pay off all unfunded entitlement liabilities; economically emancipate women and minorities; infuse enormous sums directly into the capital markets thereby accelerating the growth of the economy;  reduce crime, poverty and gangs; eliminate the need for government pensions and Medicare; eliminate the need for business to fund retirement needs; increase the net worth of America and Americans geometrically; promote “Domestic Tranquility.

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The USA Plan will achieve these goals by a simple change to the way we allocate taxes collected by the government.   Everyone has heard that the 50% of the people pay no income taxes. What they almost never mention is that everyone pays the 15.3% payroll tax. The USA Plan merely takes everyone’s 15.3% in payroll tax and places it in every taxpayer’s own personal savings/investment account we call the Universal Savings Account (the USA Account).

An average American will earn $50,000 a year. He will pay about $7,500 in payroll tax each year. If during a worker’s 40-year working life, his payroll taxes are invested weekly in certain indexed stock funds he will generate at 65 a $4,004,000 nest egg to retire on. Just the income that nest egg will throw off will give him or her a $33,000 per month retirement check. You can see here the amount of nest egg different levels of income will generate.

Making everyone a millionaire is epic, but making America’s net worth jump $1,000 trillion in 40 years is more than exceptional. Today, America’s assets of $135 trillion are less than its $150 trillion in debt. In 40 years, America’s debt will be reduced to zero under the USA Plan and our assets will grow over $1,000 trillion. See Here.

Be aware, the USA Plan is not an attempt to privatize Social Security. The USA Plan retains in its present form Social Security, Medicare, and Disability. Over the years, the need for these plans will disappear as Americans are able to afford retirement, medical costs, and disability assistance. How the Plan pays for this is described here.


What is the Universal Savings Account (The USA Account)

The USA Account is the primary feature of The USA Plan. It is an investment account identical to those held by people investing in stocks on Wall Street. Each USA is 100% owned by the taxpayer and can’t be reached by the government or courts. It is administered by a non-governmental non-profit trust (the USA Trust).

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The IRS collects payroll taxes from employers and from the Self-employed. Instead of going to pay retirees, under the USA Plan those taxes are deposited into the Universal Savings Account of the taxpayer paying those taxes. (See “Debt and the USA Plan” to see how retiree pensions are paid for)

During a taxpayer’s working life (hopefully no longer than 40 years) his or her USA will grow (on an average salary of $50,000 a year) into a $4 million nest egg. To see how that works see Page 2 on How to Become a Millionaire and Page 3 for Proof of Principle. Click here

On applicable due dates, the IRS receives payroll taxes (15.3% of the taxpayer’s income for that period) from the taxpayer or institutions (like the employer). The IRS immediately transmits that amount to the USA Trust. Upon receipt, the taxpayer’s funds are immediately invested in the common stock fund(s) designated by the taxpayer.

Each taxpayer will have the right to select one or more of the funds designed by the Trust’s select committee into which to invest his or her money. Each fund will contain a minimum of 500 or more stocks. Each fund will have a broad range of stocks designed to provide growth with an emphasis on safety.

The USA Trust will maintain seats on all stock exchanges to buy and sell stocks. It will be run at a fraction of the cost of normal brokerage. It will be run as a non-profit non-governmental institution.

It is the goal of the Prosperity Commission to eliminate any control over USA funds by governments, Wall Street, the courts, banks or the USA Trust Board. The latter will only be permitted to disburse funds to buy stock according to the instructions issued by the Taxpayer. Eventually, when USA funds are disbursed to the taxpayer, they will be disbursed in accordance with the rules of the USA Trust and the Taxpayer. See here.


Why the USA Plan?

For over 10,000 years no government, no religion, no university, no think tank or any other person or entity has ever devised a realistic plan to eradicate poverty. The USA Plan does just that. It replaces Social Security as the primary safety net/retirement program and generates a $4 million nest egg on which an average American can retire. See here.

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National Wealth

As of April 2019, the US Debt Clock estimates all American assets total $138 trillion and funded and unfunded liabilities total $145 trillion. That means America has generated no net worth in the 243 years of its existence. The enactment of the USA Plan should generate a $1,000 trillion net worth in 40 years for just the American people. See here.

US Net Worth

On the day the USA Plan is enacted into law there will be an automatic $70 trillion or so increase in the net worth of America. The increase in net worth is caused primarily by a decrease in our national funded and unfunded debt. See “Debt and the USA Plan” and “US Debt Cut by USA Plan”.

Tax Cut

The diversion of payroll taxes to the USA’s will result in the largest tax cut in American history. It delivers real tax reform. How that tax cut will be financed is spelled-out at “Debt and the USA Plan” and “US Debt Cut by USA Plan”.

Pension Relief

The US and state governments and many business entities suffer from underfunded pension funds. Some have gone bankrupt and left the retirees penniless. The USA Plan was not designed to relieve those plans but to make them unnecessary in future public or private planning.

Cost Cutting.

One of the more compelling features of the USA Plan is its cost-cutting capability. It is programmed to eventually eliminate the need for entitlements, subsidies, and welfare; 60% or more of the Federal and state budgets. That means lower taxes for everyone. It will eliminate the need for government and business to provide retirement and old-age medical coverage.

Other People and Entities

In addition to these dramatic results the following people and entities are positively affected: Click the selection for a summary.


There are many additional benefits covered on this site as well as problems solved. Such as:

Political dysfunction – Both Democrats and Republicans should agree to eradicate poverty and exploding national wealth. That should make for fewer public and private political disagreements.

Crime and Incarceration – As many crimes are motivated by financial concerns, the USA Plan will reduce future crime and incarceration.

Hope and Aspirations – The USA Plan should give hope to young disadvantaged youths. The existence of their own investment/savings account that accumulates and compounds into what amounts to a winning lottery ticket should give rise not only to hope but strengthen self-confidence, self-esteem, and aspirations.

Also, See Mission Statement

There are many more issues we could cover. You can find many on this site.


How does the Universal Savings Account work?

The taxpayer’s Universal Savings Account will be set up when the USA Trust receives his or her payroll taxes from the IRS. Immediately upon receipt of the taxpayer’s funds, the USA Trust will invest those funds. Each taxpayer will have the right to select one or more of the funds designed by the USA Trust’s select committee into which to invest their funds. Each fund will contain a minimum of 500 or more stocks. Each fund will have a broad range of stocks designed to provide growth with an emphasis on safety.

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When employees are hired now they are required to fill out a W-2 Form. They must list their Social Security number, their legal name, and a number of withholding exemptions. To the W-2, the USA will require the employee

  1. To specify which stock fund(s) they have selected to invest in.
  2. To provide current address, State, and Zip Code
  3. To provide cell phone number as well as landline, if any

Upon investment of the Taxpayer’s initial funds, the USA Trust will

  1. contact the taxpayer to confirm the purchase
  2. provide him or her with online access and a Smart Phone APP to use in managing their account
  3. Provide him or her with a special USA Trust access number

TheSmart Phone APP will allow the taxpayer to change the investment funds from time-to-time as specified by the Board but not less than once a year. It will also provide a daily analysis of the value of all stocks in his or her portfolio. Additionally, the APP will provide the taxpayer with financial analysis of all funds, their results, and other pertinent data on a continuing basis.

The USA Trust will maintain seats on all stock exchanges to buy and sell stocks. It will be run at a fraction of the cost of normal brokerage.The USA Trust will be run as a non-profit non-governmental institution.

The taxpayer’s USA account balance will grow and accumulate throughout his or her working life. Dividends in cash or stock will be immediately reinvested. To review how the taxpayer can eventually access his or her funds upon retirement see here.

The procedures for the payment of payroll taxes of a self-employed person will be similar but will be handled at the time their Federal Income Tax Return is filed and a final determination of their annual payroll tax is made.

The USA App

The USA App will allow you to stay connected to every aspect of your USA account so you can make wise decisions regarding which Index Fund to use for your retirement fund investment.

The APP will allow the taxpayer to;

  1. Change the investment funds from time-to-time as specified by the Board but not less than once a year.
  2. List liabilities including credit cards, mortgage, and loans.
  3. List your bank checking, savings and mortgage accounts, and balances.
  4. Provide a daily analysis of the value of all stocks in his or her portfolio.
  5. Create dynamic budgets that range between your prosperous goals or austere necessities.
  6. Provide the taxpayer with financial analysis of all funds, their results, and other pertinent data on a continuing basis.
  7. Comparison options between the funds.
  8. Create projections based on your current income or what your career will eventually offer you for your hard work and talent.

Watch your Universal Savings Account grow every time you are paid. Watch it grow as the magic of compound interest is reinvested. Watch it grow as the underlying assets appreciate in value.

To review how the taxpayer can eventually access his or her funds see here.


African Americans

A major factor in Black Americans’ poor returns from Social Security is their lower expected lifespan. The USA Plan corrects this.

Big/Small Business

The massive $1 Trillion dollar increase in investment will explode growth in American businesses and create jobs.

Latinos & Others

The USA Plan creates jobs and inarguably will raise wages for workers. Everyone will benefit especially young minorities.

Union Workers

Unions no longer need to secure pensions & medical, significantly reducing labor-management concerns.

Single Women

Under the plan, women become fiscally emancipated never again dependent on a man, Judges or Congress.

Union Mngmnt

Union-negotiated pension plans have bankrupted many businesses including many cities, counties, and states.

Married Women

Wives & mothers will have deposited into their USA account 1/2 of husband’s contributions & vice versa.


40 years after the USA Plan becomes law, the USA Treasury’s wealth is projected to be an $806 trillion.


The Prosperity Commission

The Prosperity Commission is a charitable, non-profit corporation qualifying under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code primarily as an educational organization. The Commission will build its “think tank” in a manner like those of the Heritage Foundation and the Cato Institute. However, unlike all existing educational institutions, the Commission’s plan is to illustrate how to eradicate poverty, substantially increase the nation’s wealth, pay off the nation’s debt, guarantee substantial retirement income for all and many other benefits listed on this site.

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The Commission is dedicated to solving the age-old problem of poverty. In so doing, it will also substantially increase the nation’s wealth. These benefits and much more can be found on this site. The Commission is asking Americans to become members of the Commission and to participate in promoting the enabling legislation. You can sign up at the Chip In Page.

Dick McDonald, is the CEO of the Prosperity Commission and the author of the Rise-up Theory of Economics and the USA Plan. He has spent over 60 years as a “tax man” finding “legal loopholes” for the rich to free up capital for investment in their businesses. He can tell you that rich people, in fact, the very rich, don’t like and often don’t pay income taxes. The following will give you an insight as to how, in that environment, the USA Plan came into being.

“In 1958, as a newly-minted Certified Public Accountant, I prepared my first income tax returns for an international accounting firm. The top income rate kicked in at $50,000. Any income over $50,000 was taxed at 91%. It just so happened that the second return I prepared that year and next paid only $400 and $600 in tax. It wouldn’t have been so unusual except the taxpayer was the “richest man in the world” J. Paul Getty.”

“In those years, and until 1986, under Ronald Reagan, taxpayers used tax shelters to avoid income taxes. It didn’t matter to them that President Kennedy had lowered the 91% rate to 70% or that Reagan had lowered it to 28%, they still insisted on not paying taxes. Unfortunately for taxpayers, Reagan shut down tax shelters by imposing the Alternative Minimum Tax (that added back those shelter deductions to taxable income and imposed a 29% tax).”

“Faced with the loss of tax shelters, the tax community suggested to rich people to incorporate their business, sell a fraction of the company to shareholders and benefit from the non-taxable appreciation in their stock. That ”income” was not taxed because it was hidden in the form of stock. Again, the appreciation in stock is not taxable. Warren Buffet and Bill Gates each have a net worth over $50 billion almost all of which is in non-taxed appreciation.”

“In 2004, when President George W. Bush tried to solve the impending bankruptcy of Social Security; it triggered the thought that Payroll taxes that funded current Social Security payments could be used by everyone, rich and poor, to fund a plan to make everyone a millionaire. It has taken us 13 years to perfect it, but here it is – The USA Plan. The Plan’s “shelter” is that appreciation is not taxed.”

Now the first thing people will ask is how are you going to pay the current and future Social Security, Medicare and Disability payments. The answer is quite simple. On the day the USA Plan is enacted, the debt of the United States will be immediately reduced by at least $110 trillion. Read here for a complete analysis.

These and many further benefits and understandings can be accessed above on our HOME page, However, before we go there please click on the link below to help us promote the USA Plan and get it legislated into law.