The Universal Savings Account (USA) is a savings account set up by every worker before said worker receives his or her first payroll check. Each USA is 100% owned by the taxpayer and can’t be reached by the government or the courts. The USA can be set up at the worker’s bank or brokerage house or another private institution accredited by the US Government.

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There will be no fees to set up the account and no fees to maintain the account or any fees regarding the investment program where the workers choose to place their money.

Each financial institution that provides the USA Accounts to their customers will also provide a smartphone app specifically to keep track of their account. The app will also provide all the necessary information to make a wise decision on which index fund to invest. For example; the younger you are the more aggressive the fund can be.

The IRS funds the individual USA accounts. The worker’s employers will withhold 15% of the workers pay and transfer those funds to the IRS who in turn will automatically deposit said funds into worker’s individual account.

The income deposited into the USA Account is tax-deferred until it is withdrawn.

From time to time Congress will determine or reset the balance threshold that would trigger when workers can begin withdrawing an income from their individual USA account. In no case will the threshold be above the age of 65.

The US Government will guarantee a bottom threshold of retirement income starting at the age of 65 that will not exceed what the benefits would allow from the current Social Security System.

Ownership of account posthumously. As the owner of your USA account, you can instruct the principal balance of your account, upon your death, to be rolled over to an heirs’ USA account without paying any taxes. Congress can set limits on the use of these funds. For instance, to be used only for catastrophic incidents, private education, down payment on a home, health/auto/property insurance premiums etc.

The USA App

The USA App will allow you to stay connected to every aspect of your USA account so you can make wise decisions regarding the investment strategy of your retirement fund. Watch it grow every time you are paid. Watch it grow as the magic of compound interest is reinvested. Watch it grow as the underlying assets appreciate in value. Create projections based on your current income or what your career will eventually offer you for your hard work and talent.


  1. Industry-first 3-D AI and VR experience.
  2. Connect all your financial accounts through a customized Dashboard just for your assets including property and financial holdings.
  3. List your liabilities including credit cards, mortgage, and loans.
  4. List your bank checking, savings and mortgage accounts, and balances.
  5. Create a dynamic budget that ranges between your prosperous goals or austere necessities.
  6. Timely portfolio, market, and research information
  7. Customized news and tailored content feeds.
  8. Fill out and send tax forms right from your smartphone or tablet.
  9. Manage your stock orders, history, and pending transactions
  10. Trade, transfer, deposit checks, and pay bills
  11. Receive timely, customizable alerts via push notifications or the Message Center
  12. Informative watch list
  13. Market research, news, and video
  14. Stay ahead of the game by gaining insights on international markets, stocks nearby, sector performance.
  15. Log in with Touch ID
  16. And Much more



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