Modernizing Education


The situation of education schools is not unique. It is the same situation at all U.S. social institutions. The country is undergoing profound, continuing, and accelerating change as it makes the transition from a national, analog, industrial economy to a global, digital, information economy. However, our social institutions—including government, media, health care, and higher education—were created for the former economy. As a consequence, they don’t work as well as they once did and appear to be broken. They need to be rethought for the global, digital, information economy. ——-

The USA Plan enables retirees to pass on their accumulated wealth to their children giving them the opportunities of a better life including a better education. Our current education system is archaic and in need of an entire overhaul to catch it up to the available technology of the 21st Century. The local, state and National treasuries will be fat with revenue as a result of the USA Plan. Its time to modernize our National institutions putting Education on top of the list.

Economic growth comes from entrepreneurs risking their own money not from politicians risking your money.