Modernizing Education


The USA Plan is just the first step in what today’s youth will do to modernize education in the next 20 years. They will use virtual reality, machine learning, artificial intelligence, the cloud et al to turn education into a series of apps to arm themselves with the knowledge to become productive citizens. 

It will be the education of the individual unencumbered by the class he or she sits in. Kids can proceed at their own pace and capability and graduate from class to class and discipline to discipline.  The need to compete should be unleashed and not weakened by today’s classroom deficiencies.

For the last forty years, education in America has been more about social justice than the 3 R’s.  It is said that the utopian-seeking teachers have been fighting a fierce battle against the trickle-down inequities in society. We believe that is true.  To date, the only solution aavailable to them has been to espouse European socialism.

I’m sure no teachers believe socialism is a great answer.  However, the USA Plan is the competition socialism will face, and we know the former will win the battle. It wins because it has eliminated the trickle-down inequities teachers have been fighting against for decades.

Under the Plan, teachers too will become millionaires; but more importantly their quest for social justice will also be served.

Hopefully, our kids will wrest the reins of education away from bureaucrats, teacher unions, and those wishing to limit education to soft subjects. Fundamental in such planning, teachers should create ways to teach the 3 R’s, history and economics in exciting visual ways to sear those lessons into the minds of all kids.

Think about it. Trickle-down economics has ruled the world long enough, It’s time teachers got a rest… and an affluent retirement.  Harvard Profs too.


Modernizing Health Care

We can make Health Care "Affordable, Accessible and Exceptional." Live healthy long enough to enjoy the luxuries of your wealth.

Modernizing Government

Other than modernizing our economy we can Modernizing our Military, Intelligence, Police, and FBI which will reduce Crime, Poverty, and Stress. We can also change the way we build our Transportation Systems, Electrical Grid, and our Government buildings.