Modernizing Education


Probably one of the biggest impacts the enactment of the USA Plan will be on Education and Educators. So many of them have, for centuries, been searching for Utopian social justice, a solution to income inequality, a leveling of the playing field, a solution for poverty. The USA Plan goes a long way towards solving all those problems.

Now it is easy to accuse professors of failing to solve the problems of inequality or come up with a plan to eradicate poverty. But for 10,000 years they have been saddled with a Trickle-down economy that pits the rich against the poor. Essentially the USA Plan makes everyone financially independent. It is a 99% solution for those obstacles.

Knowing the USA Plan is in place for them should help both a kid’s self-worth and confidence in the future. It should make parent-teacher free of today’s financial concerns. The Plan will take the pressure off kids that they must go to college to make that extra million dollars. And many more.

Educators have had to put up with solving cultural dysfunction for far too long. It is time for them to be freed up to educate. The USA Plan will be a big help.




We can make Health Care "Affordable, Accessible and Exceptional." Live healthy long enough to enjoy the luxuries of your wealth.

Modernizing Government

Other than modernizing our economy we can Modernizing our Military, Intelligence, Police, and FBI which will reduce Crime, Poverty, and Stress. We can also change the way we build our Transportation Systems, Electrical Grid, and our Government buildings.