Modernizing Government


The governments we have today, be they free market capitalist or state-controlled communist are still operating under the 10,000-year-old “Trickle-down Theory of Economics”. The elites on the top get what they want and the rest of society gets what trickles down.

We have taken exception to that Theory. We introduce the “Rise-up Theory of Economics” which accomplishes three very important changes to America’s present system.

  1. Massive Tax Cuts.

It eventually eliminates the need for Government to tax the productive to pay for entitlements, subsidies, pensions like Social Security, medical costs like Medicare and Medicaid and 80 or so means-tested programs.

  1. Explosive GDP Growth.

By fueling the economy with an annual trillion-dollar infusion of entrepreneurial capital, it will enable America to retain its world dominance far into the future. Under the USA Plan which employs the Rise-up Theory OF ECONOMICS, the net worth of America should climb above $1,000 trillion in 40 years.

  1. Financial Independence.

By making its citizen-taxpayers financially independent it finally delivers on the American Dream. People (“We the People”) can afford what government heretofore has been taxing its citizen for. There will be no need for Social Security, Medicare, welfare, etc.

The USA Plan will retain all existing entitlement programs like Social Security, Medicare, Disability, Medicaid, Welfare, etc. to pay entitlements to those too old to have enough time to significantly benefit under the Plan.

In addition, there will always be others that fall through the cracks; and others that have serious medical or mental problems. If they qualify, they will be covered under the existing plans.

Our goal is to cut the Federal budget by 75%. The government will still retain its role in almost all the roles it presently plays except there will no significant need to enact or fund compassionate legislation for a wealthy citizenry.



We can make Health Care "Affordable, Accessible and Exceptional." Live healthy long enough to enjoy the luxuries of your wealth.

Modernizing Education

We can change the way we educate our children and young adults to prepare them for the Robotic era while increasing their achievement levels and self-esteem. This will decrease overall crime and poverty..