Modernizing Government


The USA Plan is just the first step in what today’s youth will do to modernize government in the next 20 years. They will use artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain technology, the cloud et al to turn government and many of it’s institutuions into an App.  Accessible for everyone to know the truth and the true social justice it delivers.

Enacting the Plan will eventually free people from being dependent on government for their survival.  They will be able to afford their own – medical care, schooling, retirement and an affluent lifestyle. Likewise, Government will be freed from confiscating the people’s property by taxation. In fact, if the kids are smart enough, they can make government so efficient that:

  • its share of the GDP could drop from 25% to less than 10%.
  • Corporate and individual income taxes could be repealed
  • Import duties and fees could keep the government running

Note on (3).  That’s what ran our government its first 137 years.

Armed with the USA Plan, kids needn’t look to the past for guidance as it relates to government.  Every government whether capitalist, communist, socialist, theocracy or other autocracies are and were operating under the “Trickle-down Theory of Economics”.  That system forced them all to tax and confiscate property to solve cultural problems. The Plan erases that need and motivates kids to look for smarter solutions.

Political differences and battles have cost individuals the prosperity the Plan delivers. Today the Federal government is technically bankrupt with over $180 trillion in debt. The US Debt Clock suggests we have accumulated to date only $150 trillion in assets.

The Plan immediately eliminates $70 trillion of that debt which will go to cover the first 20 year’s of transitional costs of Social Security and Medicare. The increased economic activity generated by the Plan’s monthly investment of $100 billion (annual payroll taxes of $1.2 trillion/12 months), will eventually reduce that debt it to insignificance

The USA Plan provides the next generation with all the tools they will need to seriously modernize the government and the American economy.


Modernizing Health Care

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Modernizing Education

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