Modernizing Health Care


The USA Plan will eventually enable Americans to pay for their own healthcare. They will be wealthy enough to pay their doctors and hospitals directly or pay for comprehensive medical coverage. However, before retirement, workers will have to rely on their politicians and providers to stabilize the near-term healthcare market.

In the long run, the USA Plan will have a positive effect. Knowing there is a “pot of gold” at retirement will encourage many to be healthy enough to enjoy the luxuries of their own wealth. In turn, we should see a substantial decrease in sickness due to overindulgence; and a clear increase in fitness.

Eliminating the need to save for retirement and old-age medical care will reduce stress for everyone. Stress accounts for many of today’s ills.

In regards to competition, enacting the USA Plan will eventually lead to patient-centered health care. Medical advancements will be accelerated due to the increase in market capital generated by the Plan. Competition will be unleashed by the virtues of supply and demand creating a level playing field.

In turn, we anticipate the USA Plan will eventually reduce crime and incarceration by eliminating financial hurdles. These and many other benefits should do wonders for the health of Americans.


Modernizing Government

Other than modernizing our economy we can Modernizing our Military, Intelligence, Police, and FBI which will reduce Crime, Poverty, and Stress. We can also change the way we build our Transportation Systems, Electrical Grid, and our Government buildings.

Modernizing Education

We can change the way we educate our children and young adults to prepare them for the Robotic era while increasing their achievement levels and self-esteem. This will decrease overall crime and poverty..