Modernizing Ideologies & Politics


The USA Plan is designed to massively increase America’s wealth and simultaneously help modernize political, economic and social ideologies. Concurrently, it plans to deliver the American Dream of financial independence to each and every American.

Such modernization begins with two immutable facts:

  1. America is the most successful economy in history producing and consuming 25 per cent of the world’s goods and services with just 4.5 percent of the world’s population.
  2. Every country in the world, including America, uses the “trickle-down theory of economics.” And everywhere that system has failed to solve endemic poverty and the social dysfunction such failure causes.

The USA Plan also begins by using certain principles, policies and goals. It has been designed to;

  1. change America’s economic system to allow workers to become millionaires at retirement
  2. change America’s economy to one with almost no current net worth to an economy within 40 years with a net worth of more than several hundred trillion dollars
  3. be inspirational and places no restrictions on how much wealth any one individual can make
  4. retain Social Security, Medicare and the other 80 government assistance programs presently in place as the level at which no future benefits can fall below
  5. replaces the “Trickle Down Theory of Economics” with the “Rise-up Theory of Economics” as described on this site
  6. liberate women economically
  7. eliminate the need for public and private retirement plans
  8. eliminate $70 trillion of unfunded government debt, immediately upon enactment
  9. to eventually reduce all government debt
  10. eliminate endemic poverty in America
  11. to enable labor- management cooperation
  12. to reduce the government’s share of GDP from its present 21% to below 10%.

 These are just some of the policies, goals and principles that guided us through the creation of the Plan.  Others will be found throughout the website.

Summary of our ideological positions:

  1. We believe the USA Plan should be adopted by both Democrats and Republicans. The Democrat’s compassion is satisfied by defeating poverty. The Republican’s get $100 billion of new investment capital each month.  By increasing the wealth of all Americans so dramatically it also increases the wealth of the nation. By defeating poverty and increasing wealth, we set an example for all the world.
  2. We believe the USA Plan takes the best of capitalism and the best from socialism. From capitalism it takes the free market mechanism and the profit motive to keep competing forces efficient. From socialism it takes the collective nature of a “Universal Savings Account” to eventually ensure all Americans and future generations can afford all the necessities of life as well as many of its luxuries.
  3. We believe that every American should be financially independent; free to be who he or she wants to be and free of financial worry. Eventually, the USA Account should provide the motivation for living a good life.
  4. History proves that “trickle-down economies” are the enemy of the poor. The USA Plan invites the poor to become a part of the Rise-Up economy. To our knowledge there has never been a plan to make the poor rich. We hope everyone believes as we do that our plan is the best way to make that a reality.
  5. Current polling of younger Americans shows a strong preference for socialism over capitalism. By socialism, their spokesmen refer to European socialism which is nothing more than government run functions like health care and a capitalism where individuals are severely taxed.  Democrat politicians are touting those policies in their current 2020 campaign just like liberals have been doing for over 100 years.
  6. We don’t blame Democrats and Republican politicians for heavily taxing the rich as there has been no other way under “Trickle-down” to solve societal problems. That is until the USA Plan. It takes the high road. It makes the poor rich so they don’t have to look to politicians and government for handouts. The latter have failed for so long it is time for the people to insist that politicians enact appropriate legislation.
  7. The USA Plan doesn’t cost workers one dime out of their Trickle-down pay checks. That solves the guilt of personal weakness occasioned by relying on others for survival. The Plan takes away the responsibility of government to disburse benefits it usually distributes unfairly and lets the money go directly to the people where it really belongs. It is their money.
  8. Under the USA Plan it is unnecessary to go to college to make that extra million dollars. The USA Plan takes care of that. Individuals naturally want to improve their station and status in life but many are either not capable or motivated to spend a great part of their youth getting higher education.
  9. American by world standards is a very successful society. It is so, even though it is perpetually punished by the “trickle-down economy” that taxes everything to right its wrongs.  By returning the payroll tax back to the people who earned it is the only logical way to begin the Rise-up Economy of the future.


Modernizing Government

Other than modernizing our economy we can Modernizing our Military, Intelligence, Police, and FBI which will reduce Crime, Poverty, and Stress. We can also change the way we build our Transportation Systems, Electrical Grid, and our Government buildings.

Modernizing Education

We can change the way we educate our children and young adults to prepare them for the Robotic era while increasing their achievement levels and self-esteem. This will decrease overall crime and poverty..