Morality and the USA Plan.


The Prosperity Commission’s Rise-Up Theory of Economics takes wealth to a level that not even the most unrealistic of utopian dreamers in Academe have considered. Making the poor millionaires at retirement is a concept almost too fanciful to believe.

Yet here we are with the introduction of the USA Plan proving it is not only possible but feasible. Amazingly it is also the solution to many of society’s other problems. Throughout this site, we illustrate the mechanics of wealth creation through accumulated savings and compounding in the stock market. That is simple enough.

What is not so simple is how the USA Plan abides by the natural laws such as “Survival of the Fittest”, “Supply and Demand”, “Individualism” and “Meritocracy” and fit them all into the all-important unforgiving “Golden Rule”. The answer is that no nation on Earth has ever attempted to meet the demands of the Golden Rule.

Capitalism adheres to natural laws. However, it fails the Golden Rule.  Socialism, on the other hand, denies the effect of natural laws and repeatedly fails because you can’t wish the Golden Rule on a society without giving individuals the freedom demanded by natural laws to deliver the common good.

Therefore, The USA Plan starts at the bottom in constructing its economic philosophy. To achieve the American Dream poor people must become millionaires.  As natural law demands they become millionaires through their own individual efforts we take their 15% paid in payroll taxes and place it in their personally owned investment account and let it grow and compound into millions at retirement.

The United States of America has proven its economic and social philosophy follows natural laws. To date its 4.5% of the world’s population produces and consumes 25% of the world’s goods and services.  That proves its slavish adherence to those laws. Therefore, it was unnecessary for us to change most of its capitalist philosophy.

What the USA Plan has added is the Golden Rule.

 What more can one person ask of another.