Dear Future Millionaires,


It is a fact.  The USA Plan solves many cultural problems. This site explains how the Plan solves many social and economic problems.  However, what are the underlying principles the Plan uses to solve these problems?  How can you really judge solutions without knowing the principles upon which they were built. Here are just some of them.

LIFE.  Between birth and death is that interlude called life. In nature, that interlude demands the “survival of the fittest”.  Unfortunately, that process survives today in modern society and ideology.  The USA Plan describes that process as “trickle down” – the “fittest” get the most and what’s left trickles down to those who “survive”.

What the USA Plan does culturally is address the principles of survival and fitness separately. It starts by elevating the goal for every individual from survival to affluence, Under the Plan every worker even the lowest paid will retire a millionaire.  Implementing the Plan will eventually lead to eliminating the need for the “fittest” to pay taxes to support the “survivors”- as there will no survivors needing support. Those with mental or physical disabilities are covered under existing programs.

The USA Plan will develop more “fit” individuals.  Increased economic activity and opportunity driven by annual trillion-dollar investments in stocks will surely multiply the number of billionaires.  But “fit” under the USA Plan has an even more important cultural meaning. Individuals who don’t or shouldn’t go to college don’t have to go to make that extra million dollars. The USA Plan does that for them, and they won’t have to spend a dime out of their pocket.

LIBERTY.  America was the first country on Earth created and ruled by its people.  It was first to establish freedom from central government as its core principle.  The USA Plan was created to return the country to this founding principle.  Enacted and fully operational there will be no need for a government to underwrite dependency and unduly tax economic success.

The world is still trying to understand, employ and enjoy the benefits of its new digital age. Unfortunately, large powerful corporations have become a problem. Just like the kings and dictators, America’s leading digital and media giants have been able to control what people read, hear and think. Fortunately, their current support for politicians searching for solutions to income inequality and wealth redistribution falls squarely in the USA Plan’s wheelhouse.

Real freedom and liberty will only be culturally achieved by eradicating poverty.  The USA Plan does just that.  It takes capitalism from its roots as a trickle-down process to capitalism as a rise-up process. Our “Rise-Up Theory of Economics” was written to strengthen every American’s commitment to individual freedom and liberty.

HAPPINESS  Our Founders wanted to empathize their principles. They purposely ended their Declaration with “and the pursuit of happiness”.  Happiness is such a wonderful word. It embodies the thought everyone can look forward to getting up every morning and enjoying their day.  Fifteen per cent of their paycheck will be invested in the stock market in diversified funds and will accumulate and compound into millions. That will give them comfort that every day will be a good and happy day,

In America, 50 per cent of the people don’t own stock. Under the USA Plan everyone will own stock. The USA Plan allows everyone to participate in the tax shelter of the wealthy. Appreciation in the value of stock is not taxable.  Hopefully, when the Plan matures, the country will be strong enough to allow distribution from their USA accounts to be tax free.

The USA Plan essentially invites every individual to participate on America’s team. As owners of valuable property, namely their USA account, they will pay attention to protecting it as well as the economy. We anticipate the everyone will become better citizens seeing to it their companies are honest. The principle of competition to be the best is still the hallmark of American Exceptionalism. By embracing the USA Plan in America, the world will be a better place by example. We hope every individual gets on board.  It will be an exciting ride.