The Prosperity Commission

From the desk of: Dick McDonald

Dear Future Taxpayers,


The USA Plan Makes Major Changes to American Culture

When enacted, the USA Plan will make significant changes for the better to American Culture. Among many other things It will change some of our beliefs, behaviors, our norms and customs. Most importantly it will change the way Americans feel about each other.

The Plan has been designed to unite the Democrats, Republicans and Independents by curing many of the inequities and issues that presently separate them. It starts with immediately super charging the American economy and eventually eradicating endemic poverty.

Most of these issues are more thoroughly discussed throughout the site.  We memorialize them here as a quick reference,

Poverty, the Homeless and Addicted.

Solving poverty is key to the USA Plan. The Plan doesn’t attempt to put a bandage on the problem, but rather enables all workers (and their spouses) to become millionaires by the time they retire. We believe this empowers every American with what the Founder’s envisioned when the proclaimed “We the People”.

Please read this site carefully as we will show you how the Plan compassionately solves the wealth inequality and income disparity issues. In solving these core issues many other collateral problems like homelessness, blight, drug addiction, suicides, crime and despair are addressed.

Funding a Nest Egg that Won’t Cost the Taxpayer a Dime 

In America, poor people can’t afford to invest in stocks. That is not because of capitalism but rather “trickle-down economics,” the economic system the world has been exclusively employing since man came out of the caves. You know how it works culturally; the powerful at the top get the lion’s share and the poor gets what trickles down.

Converting $1.250 trillion in annual payroll taxes from government control and putting them in the taxpayer’s own USA Account won’t cost taxpayers a dime out of their paycheck. The way we pay retirees is covered here.

What about Social Security, Medicare and Unemployment?

The USA Plan does not repeal or change Social Security, Medicare or Unemployment Insurance in any way. In fact, they will continue to cover legacy beneficiaries and the few who somehow miss participating in the USA Plan.

In retirement, million-dollar nest eggs, generated by the USA Plan, will generate enough income for taxpayers to fund their own medical care including high-quality insurance coverage. It will also enable them to live an affluent lifestyle. It should result in a massive change in our cultural norms.

Increasing the Wealth of the Nation through its People

The Plan will generate a $100 billion a month investment into the US economy. Those funds will be first invested in buying stocks to accumulate and compound over the years into the million-dollar nest egg of the taxpayer. Every month the selling stockholders will have to reinvest their $100 billion  into the economy.

The steady infusion of capital from the people will be a stark departure from the limited amount of new capital very rich investors presently pour back into the economy each year. It should smooth out the dips and valleys in the stock market caused by short-term corporate profit projections.

There are hundreds of thousands of businesses that would vie for this capital as would entrepreneurs attempting to privatize things like roads that use digital technology to bill users.  We went to the moon in ten years. We could use the USA Plan to reach a national net worth of a quadrillion dollars in 40 years.

Eliminating the Culture of Debt

Over the last 100 years the American culture solved its problems by turning to collectivism in the form of bigger and bigger government. It did so out of necessity. Using the “trickle-down theory of economics” high and higher taxes were the only way to fund national programs for the needy.

Predictably Congress created so much debt in the last 20 years that it almost equals the total wealth the country has created in the last 243 years (See the Debt Clock).  The Plan has incorporated in its design the eventual elimination of most of the unfunded Federal debt.  See “The Rise-Up Theory of Economics.

 As unfunded debt decreases, the massive government bureaucracy necessary to distribute to the poor, will be unnecessary but fortunately it will free up hundreds of thousands of workers for the private sector.  Trillions of dollars will be saved by the natural shrinking of the 80 or so Federal entitlement programs. The need for funding Social Security and Medicare will shrink to a mere trickle.

Solving the Riddle of Poverty

Culturally, income and wealth inequality are the two most divisive political issues of our time. By introducing the “Rise-up Theory of Economics” into the cultural equation both rich and poor people can visualize a clear path to eventually eliminating these most divisive issues.

With the amount of wealth, the Plan generates, individuals eventually won’t have to look to government to solve their financial problems. And this will become the new cultural reality – No longer will the rich have to take care of the poor, they will be able to take care of themselves

The Pursuit of Happiness

The USA Plan was constructed to provide every individual with the freedom to pursue their dreams. He or she doesn’t have to go to college to learn how to become a Wall Street tycoon. They can opt to take a simple job in order to spend their life farming or coaching their kid’s Little League team. The opportunities are endless.

They will find happiness in being a part of the American Team that owns a part of the economy. Everyday they can flip open their phone and view the balance in their USA Account. Looking forward to something good every day is a feeling we need a lot more of.

Hopefully the Plan will lessen partisan rancor to the point we are more American than Republicans and Democrats. We know that time has come.

Financial independence for everyone is where we are going.  I hope you come along.


Dick McDonald