Our Mission


Our mission is to promote legislation that will ensure that, during their lifetime, all Americans, rich or poor, will achieve the American Dream of financial independence. To achieve that goal the Commission will work to enact its comprehensive “USA Plan” the enactment of which will also make each of the following goals an intricate part of its Mission:

  • Make the poor rich thereby eliminating endemic poverty
  • Deliver the “American Dream” to every American
  • Utilize capitalism to solve problems government has consistently failed to solve.
  • Utilize collectivism – force everyone to invest for years without withdrawals
  • Create personal investment accounts called “The USA Account” for everyone
  • Economically emancipate women by sharing of personal accounts
  • Provide retirement checks that allow all to retire affluently
  • Create capital for every American with no after-tax investment
  • Create wealth through accumulation and compounding
  • Reduce the national budget by almost 40% upon enactment
  • Immediately liquidate Trillions of potential entitlement debt
  • Deliver to all citizens the biggest tax cut in American history
  • Give the disadvantaged a reason to live and care about their life
  • Demonstrate to the World that the “American Way” is also their answer
  • Reduce crime, victimization, and dependence on government
  • Reduce stress and despondency caused by crime and financial difficulties
  • Eliminate the need for the private businesses to finance retirement
  • Make business more competitive by eliminating corporate retirement costs
  • Eliminate the union’s need to bargain for retirement funding
  • Create “ONE” retirement account that replaces millions of plans
  • Solve state and municipal pension concerns and unfunded obligations
  • Energize the economy with an immense injection of capital
  • Teach 50% of Americans about capitalism and stock investing
  • Infect America with the optimism this plan can create
  • Reduce ethnic and racial tensions by making EVERYONE wealthy
  • An air-tight way to eventually deliver the American Dream to everyone
  • Bring back the market to areas crippled by government over-regulation
  • Get everyone on the same page pulling in the same direction
  • Infect the population with a desire to win and increase stock values
  • Restore America’s confidence in her politicians, agencies, and public servants.
  • Actually, this list is endless

The Obama Economy Was A Disaster

The Obama Economy Was A DisasterAs a part of this mid-term election, former President Barack Obama has hit the campaign trail. It appears in joining this fight his main target is countering the enormous success of the Trump economy. Barack contends that he...

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Do You Want to Fix Our Economy?

You should. After 241 years, according to the USDebtclock.com total US debt is just as large as all private and public assets combined. You can’t pick one reason for such a disastrous result for the most powerful, richest, and the freest country on the...

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Do You Want to Make the Working Poor Rich?

When asked that question many people reply with a question. Who is going to clean my house, who will pick up the garbage, where will we get stoop labor to pick our crops? Some will think this is selfish, but the reality is very compelling. If everyone is...

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Are You Planning for Retirement?

At some point in life, everyone must consider how to pay for retirement. That was not an issue when the Constitution was written. In those days families took care of the elderly. Today, that is the exception. Individuals have had to turn to private and...

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Are You Concerned About Poverty?

If you are an average American, it is unlikely that you are deeply concerned about poverty. 100 million Americans receive some sort of government financial assistance and that doesn’t include people on Social Security or Medicare. When you add government...

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Prosperity For All

Prosperity for all is possible with Universal Savings Accounts "We have an opportunity to make the world a better place. Rather than wasting time compromising the political ideologies of progressives and conservatives, Americans could use that time to...

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The USA Plan Multi-Tasks

The American Government needs to work better for the people. It needs a redo. As long as it does, let’s try to make it a comprehensive redo in which many goals are reached. The USA Plan is a step in that direction. The USA Plan multi-tasks to reach the...

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The Reason behind the USA Plan

When President George W. Bush just tried to partially privatize Social Security in 2004 and 2005 the CEO of the Prosperity Commission, Dick McDonald, a life-long tax man, knew Bush’s attempt would fail. He knew it would fail because it wasn’t the type of...

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