Prosperity for all is possible with Universal Savings Accounts

“We have an opportunity to make the world a better place. Rather than wasting time compromising the political ideologies of progressives and conservatives, Americans could use that time to employ modern economic and scientific advancements to eradicate poverty. The USA could lead the world into a new era where prosperity is the rule rather than the exception. It is truly a plan that will deliver the American Dream to ALL people.

Universal Savings Accounts – Delivering the American Dream to ALL People!

The USA Plan is bold and truly revolutionary. It should satisfy both capitalists and collectivists, Republicans and Democrats, Libertarians and Anarchists and everyone in between because it makes the poor, the middle-class and the rich wealthier – in fact, it delivers the American Dream to just about everyone. By clicking here you will see how everyone can get rich without investing one dime. The Plan merely returns to the taxpayer the payroll taxes withheld by the government and puts those funds into a “USA” a Universal Savings Account owned by the taxpayer which accumulates, compounds and grows into real wealth during a worker’s lifetime. Their USA grows because investments of a 40-year duration have generated on average a 10% return on investment for the S&P 500 indexed stocks since 1871.