Retirement Benefits Compared

Bar graph dramatically illustrates that taxpayers get no nest egg from Social Security and on average get a $4 million nest egg under the USA Plan; a nest egg to pass on to their kids. In addition, it illustrates the taxpayer gets a $33,000 monthly retirement check as compared to a $1,500 a month check from Social Security. In this example, a $50,000 average salaried taxpayer lives his life on an annual income of $50,000 and retires on an annual income of $400,000 (12x$33,333).

See the following schedules that support the Prosperity Commission’s USA Plan proposal.
Retirement Benefits Compared
Computation of America’s Net Worth of all “USA Accounts” 40 years after enactment
Invest in Stocks Not Bonds
• Rate of Return on the S&P 500 Stock Index in 40-year Increments from 1871 to 2011
The Magic 40 years ending in 1999
• Computation of Nest Egg and Monthly Check at Various Income Levels
Computation of Nest Egg and Monthly Retirement Check for Average Household Income of $50,000


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