Should Business Support the USA Plan? YES!


The massive $1 Trillion dollar increase in investment capital generated annually by The USA Plan will explode growth in American businesses. By infusing so much capital into the markets, businesses will grow, expand, innovate and create more jobs and wealth than at any time in American History. Businesses should generously contribute to the Commission’s efforts to enact the Plan. (DONATE HERE)

  1. It eliminates the need for corporations and unincorporated businesses to fund old age retirement plans for their employees.
  2. It eliminates the need for corporations and unincorporated businesses to fund old-age medical plans for their employees.
  3. The employer can now claim they help fund half of the average $7.4 million nest-egg their employees will retire on.
  4. Eliminating retirement and old age medical costs from their bottom line will enable domestic corporations to more easily compete, pricewise, with foreign competitors.
  5. By enacting The USA Plan, corporations will reduce management-union tensions because pension and medical plan negotiations will be unnecessary.
  6. Reduces the possibility of a substantially underfunded pension plan, bankrupting a corporation like General Motors was.
  7. Substantially increases the value of the employer’s company by eliminating the employer’s need to accrue and guarantee retirement obligations.
  8. The USA Plan will, as a result of its enactment, logarithmically increase the value of the $500 billion corporations annually pay to the government as their share of their employee payroll taxes. At the end of the first 40-year cycle of the plan, the value of those contributions to their employees could reach over $500 trillion through accumulation and compounding.

Corporations and their stock will be the main vehicles for eliminating poverty and exploding the economy and increasing wealth. America’s success in applying Rise-up Capitalism should be copied across the globe and eventually lead to World Peace.