Should Latinos and Other Minorities Support the USA Plan? YES!


The USA Plan delivers to Latinos and other minorities the same benefits all Americans will enjoy – the wealth, opportunity and security of the American Dream. It doesn’t dismantle the current welfare state, in fact, it makes all 80+ programs available to any who may fall through the crack in the future.

  1. The USA Plan delivers guaranteed million-dollar nest eggs to Latinos and Other Minorities. That fact by itself will change the societal course of the history of minorities in America.
  2. The USA Plan does not call for dismantling the “welfare state”, but the establishment of those safety net benefits as the floor under which no future benefits can ever fall, including Social Security and Medicare. Minorities needn’t worry that the rug will be pulled out from under their poor. There will be a resurgence of interest in working in order to benefit from the millions of dollars The USA Plan promises. In addition, there will be a natural reduction in those underemployed or out of work as the result of the incentive The USA Plan provides.
  3. Minorities have consistently voted for candidates who were compassionate and enacted legislation to help poor minorities. Unfortunately, those same legislators have never considered the option of making all working minorities wealthy. Progressive politicians pass laws that benefit the poor. Unfortunately, the amount spent generally only makes the poor and middle-class more dependent on government. It does not make them wealthy.
  4. Truth be told, politicians know how to make the poor rich, as they presently have a plan for Federal Government employees to get rich like The USA Plan. (see Thrift Savings Plan).When the American voter becomes aware of this fact, the blowback on politicians and their special interest supporters will be fatal in some cases.
  5. The USA Plan makes the poor rich. It is a guarantee. Minorities need to support the Prosperity Commission’s efforts to elect legislators and Presidents who will enact this legislation. (DONATE HERE)
  6. Minority unemployment, especially for the young, should be an immense embarrassment to both political parties. Yet, I know of no politician, until President Trump, that took ownership of this failure. In fact, the solutions advanced by both parties over the years were at best only 3% solutions to a 100% problem.
  7. The USA Plan, on the other hand, is a 1000% or more solution. The annual investment of over $1 trillion into the stock market will trigger investment in new products and services, and thereby generate millions of new jobs every year. The eventual need for workers will raise wages, and everyone will benefit especially young minorities.
  8. The USA Plan makes minorities capitalists, investors and rich. In essence, The USA Plan invites the poor and middle-class to join in the success of the greatest economy in the world. It won’t cost a dime out of their paycheck as the 15.3% will have already been withheld and sent to their personal USA accounts.
  9. The USA Plan will allow Minorities to become millionaires without having to go to college. Ordinary workers and tradesmen can earn enough during their 40-year working life to accumulate and compound their 15% contribution into a sizeable nest egg even at very low wage rates. (See the Nest Egg at Various Income Levels chart)
  10. The enactment of the USA Plan will be the ultimate Civil Rights legislation. Delivering millions to each Minority will not only be fair, unselfish and good policy, but it will also beat any government attempt to “redistribute wealth” as some have been trying to do.
  11. The USA Plan is the ultimate in wealth creation solutions. What could be better than delivering the American Dream of financial independence to every working minority?