Should Married Women Support the USA Plan? YES!


Throughout history, women have taken a second-class position to men in social and economic terms. The USA Plan is a quantum leap in equalizing the economic treatment of women in society.   This increased economic power will result in a substantial increase in her social power as well. It will lead to more stable and happier families.

  1. Under the Plan, married women will have deposited into their own separate USA account one-half of all contributions that are withheld from their husband’s check. In our classic example, a $3.7 million retirement nest egg would accumulate in her USA account and $3.7 million in his. Of the $74,000 income generated by the $7.4 million nest eggs, half would come from hers and half from his. Likewise, one-half of her contributions to the plan would be shared with her husband.
  2. Under the Plan, women would finally be economically emancipated and not financially dependent on a man for survival. Her “USA Account”, just like Social Security, can’t be reached by her husband, the Courts or Congress under the Plan.
  3. Young couples can decide early in life for the wife to stay home and rear the children and eventually the grandchildren without fear that she will end up penniless at retirement.
  4. The Plan eliminates the need for a couple to invest in 401(k)s, IRA’s or any other retirement plans during their working years. This will not only save money during their lifetime but eliminate the marital stress that retirement funding often causes.
  5. As retirement funding will be eliminated the couple will have excess funds to enjoy their working life.
  6. As the immense burden of saving for retirement will be lifted off her shoulders, she can devote more of her attention to social and charitable endeavors.

The USA Plan will significantly reduce the stress the “Trickle-down economy” presently imposes on women and will lead to the happiness of a new “Trickle-up economy”.