Should Single Women Support the USA Plan? YES!



The USA Plan is especially significant to the ever-increasing number of women who remain single. It is equally important to those who are divorced and have children. The nest egg being accumulated under the plan will be a cornerstone of stability for her future and that of her children.

  1. Under the Plan, a single woman will have her own “USA” account and will not have to share it with anyone. In the classic example of a person making $50,000 per year, she will accumulate a $4 million nest egg to retire on. That nest egg will throw off a $33,000 monthly retirement check.
  2. A monthly check of $33,000 will enable her to have an affluent retirement and the ability to pay for the best medical care on the planet. It can also support the early efforts of her children’s lives.
  3. During her working life, she won’t have to invest any part of her paycheck to create this nest egg as her payroll taxes – that 15% will just directly go into her “USA” leaving her free to spend her paycheck as she sees fit.
  4. If she marries, her account will not be affected. What she accumulates and earns in her “USA” account before marriage will not be shared with her husband. After marriage, the normal sharing will occur.
  5. In the event of multiple marriages, the sharing will begin on the day of the marriage and end on the day of the final decree.
  6. Under the plan, women would finally be economically independent and NOT financially dependent on a man for survival. Her “USA” account can’t be reached by the Courts or Congress under our plan.
  7. As retirement funding will be eliminated, (such as 401ks) the single woman will have excess funds to enjoy during her working life.
  8. As the immense burden of saving for retirement will be lifted off her shoulders, she can devote more of her attention to social and charitable endeavors.

For single or divorced women, the USA Plan represents a clear departure from their second-class status under today’s “Trickle-down economy”. Their increased economic power should result in a fairer playing field in their relationships within society.