Should Union Management Support the USA Plan? YES!


Union contracts, specifically union negotiated pension plans, have bankrupted many private sector corporations including General Motors. Across America, they are threatening to bankrupt public sector entities like states, counties, and cities. Union management is under severe pressure to agree to reduce pension benefits voluntarily or lose all the benefits members have in bankruptcy proceedings. Endorsing the USA Plan would solve these problems, and, if coordinated with private and public employers, lead to delivering greater benefits to members and lower costs to corporations.

  1. Union management has faced declining participation by workers for many years. We believe all workers have the right to be represented just like actors and sports figures, but those representatives need to be much smarter about what they request for members and demand from employers.
  2. Supporting the USA Plan would be a smart move for union management and a great recruitment tool. It would save employers billions, while at the same time enable workers to retire as millionaires. Unions that promote worker wealth will generate worker loyalty and goodwill leading to more non-union members asking unions for representation on other matters like wages and working conditions.
  3. The USA Plan will generate a union member’s interest in the stock market and the close correlation between a corporation’s annual profit and its stock price. As union management has never had a tool like the USA Plan before, they can more easily move their corporations to increase members wages in good times so long as union management can deliver wage cuts in bad times – the latter because the member’s million-dollar nest egg is secure and the cuts will increase profits and stock values.
  4. Eliminating the need to negotiate retirement and old-age medical benefits will free management of not only the ridicule those plans are getting, but reduce the need for unions to do extensive political lobbying.
  5. Enacting The USA Plan should also reduce union dues, as there will be no need for union management to negotiate retirement and old-age medical benefits. Additionally, union management will benefit from eliminating the costs involved with strikes and legal fees as well as reducing the cost of political lobbying.

By actively supporting the USA Plan, union management can prove to workers they have their livelihood and good fortune in their crosshairs. If enthusiastically pursued, actively working for the enactment of the USA Plan should increase union participation.